John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Harlan Estates, The Maiden, 1997

Wine Rating: 93

Some people know the stats for their favorite baseball players since ’59. I have a co-worker who, as a hobby, is a historian on all things Napoléon. Nearly everyone has their thing. Wine is mine. On Facebook, I post photos of my wine allocations and bottles I’m having at dinner. I read wine books about historic wineries and all sorts of varietals. I spend many hours online searching wine auctions, seeing what hidden gems I can find. I do about two weeks of research for every article I write. At every restaurant I go to, I find myself redoing their wine list in my head and I share, with whomever I’m dining with, what I believe they should be selling. All my friends refer to me as the Wine Geek. They ask me “What should I bring to a dinner party I’m attending?”