John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Screaming Eagle, Second Flight, 2008

Wine Rating: 95

I have waited a long time to bring you this review, to celebrate both wine and winemaker. There is much I wish to tell you about both, and at the risk of seeming overly enthused (which I am), I’m keeping this usual narrative and personal intro a bit more succinct. But know this: this wine, by far, is one you must try.

It is the best of wines. It is the worst of wines. The year was 1992 in Oakville, California. A real estate broker planted a small 54 acre vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon with the help of a well-respected and very well-known winemaker. Three years later, history was made when a mere 200 cases were bottled and Napa Valley would never be the same again. It was then that a wine legend was born, and it’s also considered to be when one of California’s first cult wines was discovered. The term “cult wine” started in the mid-‘90s and refers to highly rated wines, usually a 96 point or above, by the likes of Robert Parker and Wine Spectator, and which are limited in production to 600 – 1000 cases a year or less.