John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Far Niente, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2003

Wine Rating: 93

December is my favorite month – for drinking. This time of year I tend to acquiesce to over-indulgence; eating too much, buying to many gifts, feeling more melancholy than usual and more often than not… drinking too much during family gatherings or office parties. Yes, this festive time is about going over-the-top and dealing with it all in January with a ‘New’ attitude. Nevertheless, this month’s columns focus is all about the grape. A faultless time of year for wine lovers… or is it? My wife, my family and my good friends know one thing when it comes to me and gift giving: “do not buy me wine.” It’s that simple. So if you know someone who is any kind of aficionado, an enthusiast, a devotee of any sort, nine times out of ten you will end up getting them something they already have or something they find second-rate. I don’t want to appear crass or unappreciative, but rather save you money and disappointment when the intended recipient meets your gift with a less than overwhelming reception or you learn later that they gave it away at the ‘white elephant’ party or worse… they just pitched it. It has happened time and time again.