John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Kosta Browne, Kanzler Pinot Noir, 2009

Wine Rating: 95

A new year is upon us and for a wine lover that means another year that the wine in your collection has aged and has (fingers crossed) matured properly in the shadowy caverns of your wine cellar or temperature controlled refrigerator. Those lovely young bottles that you purchased a few years ago are another year older, another year bolder and some may be ready for drinking.

So winter is making its way in, starting to surround us and depending on where you live, that could mean very cold weather for many of you. Climate has a real effect on how your wine holds up and that is why properly storing your wine is very important. Hot temperatures spoil wine and dry out the corks that much faster, but cold weather can halt the proper aging and cause the shrinking of your corks, allowing moisture inside. Drinking spoiled wine; also known as ‘corked’ wine is not pleasant. You will know it when it happens. Of all the wines I drink throughout the year, which, including unique bottles of wine, would be about, Hmm, let’s see – carry the 6, plus 30 days, minus an afternoon, skipping a couple of breakfasts, plus holidays – I drank about 200 different bottles of wine this year. Out of that 200, about 2% are corked. That’s actually a pretty low number, but when it is a bottle that cost you $100+… it sucks.