John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Affentaler, Pinot Noir (Monkey Wine), 2010

Wine Rating: 90

Dear Editor, what’s up with the wine guy always reviewing expensive bottles? Doesn’t he know that there is a recession? Many American’s cannot afford the luxury of fine wine that costs as much as most people’s food or gas for the week? Can he humble himself and find something under $20 that a normal consumer can enjoy?

These questions did not come via the website; they came via my friends who requested that I try and find a low-priced wine that is not as horrific as ‘Two Buck Upchuck’ (Charles Shaw). So over the last few months and after many, and I mean many terrible bottles of wine, I actually found one that is not only tolerable, but it’s damn good. Depending where you live, this wine may be hard to find. However if wine can be shipped to your state then this month’s wine is as close as a Google search away.