John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Belle Glos, Pinot Noir, 2010

Wine Rating: 90

As Sam Cooke says, ‘A change gonna come’. For me, the change begins with some details I have modified from last month’s review format. Why the departure? Because we are evolving. For starters, I have pulled back on the features of the wine review chart. After further evaluation, I just felt it read a bit over the top. Something a sommelier would ponder with hypercritical detail; much like a gambler would analyze the horse racing form. Instead I’ve honed in on 5 main characteristics of wine reviewing. As collectors will tell you, whether it’s classic cars or My Little Pony dolls, the more passion the person has for the ‘thing’ they are collecting, the more crazy they are about it and the more particular they will get when trying to explain the importance, the value, every minute detail. Take for example – the early release of the 1989 Porsche 911 over the 1989 mid-year release. Even though when ‘the non-enthusiast’ looks at both, to them they are the exact same car! But are they really? The passionate enthusiast, the true collector, the genuine aficionado knows nothing could be further from the truth. They are in fact two completely different, unique and distractive autos. And I can tell you personally that the 1989 mid-year is the one you want. It is probably the best year of all the oil-cooled 911’s ever produced. See what I mean? Forgive me while I digressed for a moment, but I really do have a ‘thing’ for Porsche and I’ll save that discussion for another time; maybe another column. So, back to the wine at hand before I get caught up on a wild Henry Miller tangent.