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Lemon Limoncello, 2017

Limoncello Rating: 98

I’m ten years old, sitting in my Grandfather’s home in Capistrano, California. The afternoon sun is sneaking through the wooden shutters. The small kitchen is mixed with natural and man-made light, giving the lemons that my grandfather is carefully peeling by hand and collecting in a ceramic bowl, a luminous yellow glow. I watch him, mesmerized, as he moves the peeler delicately around the fruit. “You must never go deeper than the white flesh. Just the skin,” he says to me, not looking up from his impeccable work. “Remember to handle the peel as little as possible,” he says, giving me a side glance and a little wink. I want to learn, and he wants me, to want to learn.


Dom Perignon review
Champagne & More, John Turi - Wine

The Seduction of Dom Perignon

Wine Rating: 96

“You can put the still water in the cabinet… there.” Kneeling tying her tennis shoe, she pointed to a white oak cupboard, next to a stainless-steel Viking refrigerator.

I looked at her, glancing up at me, but not really noticing me, pointing her finger with a sweeping motion, as if to say, “in that direction.” I heard what she was saying, but they were just words and my attention was completely on her. I noticed everything. Her red painted manicured nails, perfect. Her slender wrists. Her toned arms. Her defined shoulders. Her face. Oh my god, her face. She was striking, and it kind of took my breath away. She wore a white tennis top. Her tan skin still glistening from the tennis lesson she’d just finished. Around her neck hung a delicate gold chain with a small diamond encrusted heart and she wore matching diamond shaped earrings. Her long blonde hair was curled and tied in a ponytail. The small noticeable lines that gathered around eyes flattered her and only helped to accentuate the various colors of blue in her eyes.


Olive Oil Olives
Champagne & More, John Turi - Wine

Frantoio Grove, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“You gotta have good olive oil. You should have a cooking olive oil, and you should have a finishing olive oil, like an extra-virgin olive oil.” – Emeril Lagasse

Growing up, there were always two things on our table when we’d sit down for dinner. The first was a bottle of wine. The second was a bottle of olive oil. Both were more prevalent than salt and pepper. For this article, I’m taking a small step outside the wine world to explore another gem: Olive Oil.