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Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1966
John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Chateau Mouton Rothschild, 1966, Bordeaux

Wine Rating: 95

This month brings with it an interesting situation for me. For the first time since starting this review, I didn’t have a wine on hand to write about. This is not to say I don’t have any wine in my possession—in fact, quite the contrary. The cellar is stocked with beauties that are resting comfortably until they reach the perfect age. As I didn’t have a reasonably priced wine to offer up this month, I’ve decided to punch things up a notch and go old school, the keyword being old.With flashlight in hand, I venture down into the darkened corners of the wine cellar, making my way through cobwebs outlined in dust. Here, in the sweet smell of wood crates, their sides branded with markings from all over the world, I feel right at home. Haut Brion, Petrus and Gaja stare back at me. Some of the older bottles have peaked and, as a result, have leaked a bit, that moisture seeping into the shelves over the years, perfuming the air.


Opus One Winery
John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Overture, Opus One Winery

Wine Rating: 93

The winery choice for this review is a top 5 favorite of mine. Why I haven’t written about them before is lost on me. It’s one of the most well-known California wineries in the world. The undertaking from the beginning is one of the most famous in modern winemaking history.

Founded in 1979, Opus One was a combined endeavor between Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe de Rothschild from legendary Chateau Mouton Rothschild. The inspiration was a long-time vision of both winemaking families, and from Opus One’s first vintage in 1979, in Oakville, California, it was clear that the idea was to make a wine with appeal that signified the best of both Bordeaux and Napa Valley. Even the label represents an assembly of the two legendary families, since the label shows a silhouetted profile of both Robert Mondavi and Baron Philippe de Rothschild. Opus One has earned great acclaim over the years.