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Marcassin, Three Sisters Chardonnay 2010
John Turi - Wine, White Wine

Marcassin, Three Sisters Chardonnay, 2010

Wine Rating: 94

Lunch – Laguna Beach, June

After a long drive on PCH, we pull into a place we have been to many times. We valet the Porsche (a vintage 1984 Cabriolet) and walk in to the bistro. The smell of fresh seafood being prepped hooks our senses. They have been expecting us. The man who runs the front of the house escorts us outside. From atop the cliffs and as far as the eye can see, are green and blue hues of the Pacific. The California sun lightly toasts our skin as we are seated and a gentle breeze carries the unmistakable sharp smell of the ocean water to us. From our table, we watch large waves crash on the jetted rocks below. A muddled thud echoes as the surf breaks and it sounds like an elephant jumping out of a tree.


Far Niente Wine Review
John Turi - Wine, White Wine

Far Niente, Chardonnay, 2010

Wine Rating: 93

Who doesn’t remember their first time? And when was yours? What bottle converted you from a wine drinker to a wine lover? Transformed you from a wine aficionado to a sommelier? As the years continue to pass by, there’s often a period one reflects back on fondly and for many, there’s that paramount moment, that instant when it all changed and your life from that instant on would be different. To recall, that single sip, that first glass, could have altered your feelings toward wine and open you up in such a way, that you take it in and truly appreciate the ‘genuine passion’ it took for that wine to reach you – from vine to splendor.


Kosta Browne One Sixteen
John Turi - Wine, White Wine

Kosta Browne, One Sixteen, Chardonnay, 2009

Wine Rating: 95

Summer is here and with that I can start enjoying the great white wines that have been storing nicely in the wine cellar. I don’t recall when I began the ritual of not drinking white after Labor Day, but I’ve stuck to it for many years now and as such, each new summer look forward to the enjoyment and stirrings of  some beautiful White Ports, Sauvignon Blancs, Rieslings and of course Chardonnays. Throughout the year and from time to time, I do make expectations, when it’s for paired meals and of course for Champagnes that are made from chardonnay grapes. But 90%, if not 95% of my wine consumption consists of reds 9 months out of the year.