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John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

How To Order Wine At A Restaurant

Wine Rating: 94

How to order wine at a restaurant can be a windy road to madness. For some, the thought might bring low-level anxiety, while for others, the journey is like an adventurous trek up Everest, without an oxygen tank.

Lots of people bring with them the latest wine apps, which breaks down each vintage for the last 20 years and details each little fact of their terroir. As a backup, they’ll scribble tasting notes they read in the latest issue of Wine Spectator. I’ve been known to look online and see if the restaurant I’ll be dining at has a wine list. The online list may not be updated daily, but it will give me a general sense of what kind of wines they carry.


2011 Schrader LPV Beckstoffer
John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Schrader LPV Beckstoffer, 2011

Wine Rating: 95

Saturday – Dinner Party

Several times a year, a friend invites me to a dinner party that he hosts at his stunning home, for an evening of bountiful eats. This review reflects on that night.

The gathering that kicked off in the late afternoon and consisted of endless trays of lobster tails, crab legs, coconut shrimp, and waiting on a nearby table, were countless sides that went perfectly with shellfish. I contributed to the evening’s bounty by bringing 10 pounds of my tasty homemade baked ziti, which was a big hit.


Charles Krug
John Turi - Wine, Red Wine

Charles Krug, Cabernet Sauvignon, 1972

Wine Rating: 90

Mondavi – the name speaks volumes within the wine world and has been considered, by some, a legacy of great quality as well as an organization known for their ingenious marketing. When you hear the name you may think Robert or Opus One. Sadly, the name may also conjure up a less flattering image, with their decision over the years to expand into the ‘lower cost markets’ with their less quality table wines, selling to big box stores and supermarkets. The Mondavi name in Napa Valley goes back over seventy-years, not to mention that the old winery, prior to the Robert Mondavi’s father purchasing it, already had over 100 years of winemaking heritage in the region. Robert also had a younger brother, Peter, who is actually my focus for this piece.